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Re: new port: and the winner is....


On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, A Mennucc1 wrote:
>  -----why is the 'win' port important? 

(Sorry for dropping in late to this thread, I was too busy lately to
follow debian-devel tightly.)

The social contract says "Our Priorities are Our Users and Free Software".  
Such a win-port might indeed serve some users.  But for my own part, I do
have some personal problems with making all free software win-compatible.  
Does it serve Free Software?  Such ports frequently lead to crippled
design [1] and frankly, I do not like to give people more excuses for not
switching to an entirely free OS.

The one argument I am missing from the discussion is this: The porters
find some problem with package foo and file a bugreport (most probably
critical) to the maintainer of foo who has to look into the problem,
withdrawing time for more important things than a weird port.  It has
happened before [2] and it will happen again.  We really shouldn't invite
everything into Debian.  It will distract us from providing a really
useful free OS.

For my own part, the mere thought of receiving reports like "package bar
doesn't build on win" gives me the creeps.  I would have to log in to one
of those crippled machines, try to fix scripts, makefiles, code, whatnot.

Instead, I would consider downgrading the bugreport to wishlist/wontfix.


[1] Why does Apache have to abstract away their threads?  Right, because
    Winsux doesn't have pthreads.  Admittedly, this might be a little
    off-topic because that is for a native port, but that's the basic 
[2] Look at the parisc port: GCC-3.0 is not even officially supported
    upstream and the entire toolchain seems to be changing frequently.
    Some packages build one day but not the next.  I wonder how they
    want to release that stuff.
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