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bind9-chroot (was: questions on ITP)

also sprach Bdale Garbee (on Thu, 20 Sep 2001 06:00:59PM -0600):
> >   bind9-chroot -- convert a bind9 installation to a chroot'd one
> What does this package do?  I have offered numerous times to accept a patch 
> for the bind9 package to optionally implement chroot installation and nobody
> has taken me up on it.  If it's technically reasonable to do so, I'd be willing
> to look at merging this in to the main bind9 package, possibly using debconf
> to allow choice of installation model.

well, that is certainly an idea. i found myself installing bind9
numerous times and then chrooting it by hand, which can definitely be
automated. whether that's done in debconf or by a separate package,
well, we'd have to discuss that. i would love to have this package
because i am just starting and in search for packages in general, but
i see your point. fact is, bind9 does not need to be compiled for
chroot like bind8, so it's really easy, even with a binary

how about this: i'll make the package (which will basically be a
postinst/prerm pair and nothing else, and then we can always integrate
those scripts with the bind9 package. it's nicer to debug and play
around when bind9 can just stay on the system.

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