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Re: splitting /var/lib/dpkg/status and handling desc translation (was: ddts notification)

Previously Michael Bramer wrote:
> wordperfect is no free software and they can only support some
> languages. Get KDE, we have 38 kde-i18n-* packages. This is the
> _minimum_.

This is not just about Debian. It is about the dpkg packaging system,
which can be (and is) used outside Debian just as well.

> You say 'few important'. But what languages is important? Somebody
> say: throw away English and get Russian. Others like (or better
> _need_) Polish, german, Japanese, China, ...

That's decided by whoever makes a package. I don't expect everyone
to feel the same way about translations as Debian does.

> And if we get translators, why not add a some more languages. We have
> now in the ddtp only 11 languages at the beginning and we don't have
> real support in the project, in dpkg etc.

Debian can do that. Other might not be able to do that. The world is
bigger then Debian.


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