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Re: Automating dpkg-reconfigure answers via a shell script

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

It should be possible to do

dpkg -i pkg.deb <<EOF

No it should not, that is completely the wrong way to do it. That
is just a hack to work around debconf not working properly for you
or packages not using it yet.

I disagree. Debconf will never be able to answer anything that I want and that is not default. If debconf is able to handle default value correctly, I will then need to use dpkg-reconfigure to change the default value. I want to make it non interactively. Other solution is to not install the packages that need special configuration and install them using dpkg -i and a way tio give the values I want.

And if you look at the fai software <http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide.html/ch-instprocess.html#s-icscripts>

They have faced excatly the same problem meaning they have also found no solution. I think we should have dpkg-reconfigure (or dpkg or whatever) be able to overide default pacakge installtion value from a file.

So for me it is a serious missing feature either in dpkg -i or dpkg-reconfigure. Or try to install more than 3 machine each week and you will see what I mean...

Never mind, thanks for your time and answers,

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