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Re: Automating dpkg-reconfigure answers via a shell script

No because I install fixed package version.

What does `fixed package version' mean?

Means that I have a package repository (in addition of a generic debian mirror via rsync) where I regenerate the Packages and Relase file.

The reason behind that is that I normally install testing with a collection of selected packages from unstable (e.g gs-alladin, X11 4.1.x untiul recently...). So not apt-get or dselect would do the job. I automated the creation of a given package set from a reference machine as well as the recreation of the Packages and Relase file. I also automated the selection of thoses pacakes using the dpkg --set-selection trick.

Now I just would like to be able to install automatically this packages set using predefined answer value to configuration question. This is the only missing item. I'm very frustrated no be able to call either dpkg -i or dpkg-reconfigure using predefined input values.

I tested non-interactive mode for debconf without sucess (as well as text mode)

What exactly failed?

It does not take my inputs and wait for keyboard.

I did dpkg-reconfigure debconf and selected the non-interactive mode. But installing pacakages, I was prompted for questions anyway and the usual <<EOF shell trick did not work.

> debian-devel would be better, other people have done automated installed
> and there are a few tools to do that (like fai, which is packaged).

So I also posted to this list. For people that did not get the start of the discussion my question is :

It should be possible to do

dpkg -i pkg.deb <<EOF

or dpkg-reconfigure pkg <<EOF

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