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Re: reopening ECN bugreport/netbase

Eric Van Buggenhaut wrote:
> Routers aren't forced to support ECN (although it's in their
> interest) but they aren't allowed to drop ECN-flagged TCP packets.
> If you can't access a site, *they* need to fix their buggy router to be
> ECN-tolerant. If they don't do so, they're violating RFC 793.
> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc793.txt?number=793

I wonder how an _IP_ layer protocol can break a _transport_ (TCP) layer
specification. Also, it is up to a router whether or not to drop
packets based on their contents. It's not something you can enforce.

But anyway - I agree that Debian should not be too conservative with
regard to new networking technologies, so disabling ECN by default is
not something I'd like to see happen. Give the user some short
explanation and let him make the decision himself, I'd say.


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