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Re: reopening ECN bugreport/netbase

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Remco van de Meent wrote:

> But anyway - I agree that Debian should not be too conservative with
> regard to new networking technologies, so disabling ECN by default is
> not something I'd like to see happen. Give the user some short
> explanation and let him make the decision himself, I'd say.

OK. How exactly should this be worded:

"ECN is a routing protocol. Some equipment doesn't support ECN
 yet. Switching it on can break your networking and it will make some
 internet sites unreachable. If you want to disable ECN then select "No".

 Do you want to enable ECN: "Yes"  "No""

And the default will be on "Yes". Would you say "Yes"? Or how exaclty do
you want to phrase this to let the user make an informed decison?

Moreover, what about bootfloppies. In case there will be bootfloppies, do
you want to bother the user with such questions? Or do you want to
have two versions of the kernel - one for the bootfloppies and one for
the "maintree"?

And what is *exactly* the problem of displaying:

	"ECN Disabled - Edit /etc/network/options to enable it"

in the bootmessages and let the user switch it on if he wants?

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