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Re: reopening ECN bugreport/netbase

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Eric Van Buggenhaut wrote:

> Routers aren't forced to support ECN (although it's in their interest) but they
> aren't allowed to drop ECN-flagged TCP packets.
> If you can't access a site, *they* need to fix their buggy router to be
> ECN-tolerant. If they don't do so, they're violating RFC 793.

Well possibly you can just send a site that doesn't support ECN to where
the light don't shine.

But if *your* (as in your universities, your lan's, your workplace,
your client's etc.) router is broken then what?

Then you can not ignore it. But they can ignore *you*!

And there is equipment that *can not* be fixed (check the thread why not).

And so what do you expect a user (possibly a newby!!! mind you, there are
newbies that start with Debian) with a 2.4 Debian kernel to do? To start
debuging the network to find out what the hell is wrong? To look around
and think gee, all the machines around me are working *only mine* not.

What would *you* think at that moment? I would maybe think that the
networking card is broken. So you are telling me you want to send
(your!) Debian users runing around expecting them to go debug whatever
place they might find themselves at that moment?

Or do you expect to change the world to change at your will just because
Debian has decided to set a flag which is *off* by default?


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