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Re: RFD: translated description with dpkg

Michael Bramer wrote:
> sorry joey, but IMHO this 'put translations in extra packages' is not
> a hack. It is nice, clear and have a lot of cons (and is the long-term
> solution). 
> Maybe you will understand this after read more mail... :-)

I suspect you mean it has lots of plusses. Nevertheless, your statement
that it has lots of cons is quite correct. Some of them have been
outlines in this thread (which I have read in full up to your slightly
condescending message), they include:

* not allowing descriptions to be displayed if the deb is not part of
  debian, or is a new version not yet in debian, or is a new verion that
  is in debian but you haven't downloaded a current translation package
* disenfranchising package maintainers
* not sclaing worth a damn

It's also ugly as sin.

see shy jo

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