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Re: RFD: translated description with dpkg

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 02:56:51PM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> Principally we can go two ways:
>  - decentral translation
>     We don't see real pros of this. 

How about the facts that the description travels with the deb,
so I can mail you a deb and you get the descriptions appropriate
for your language, whether or not you have access to any Package
files. What about the fact that decentral translation lets Joe
Bob release a deb with multilingual descriptions, whereas the
central translation only lets Debian and people willing to
set up a Packages file to release it. It also takes power over
the desription from the developer; a description could be inaccurate
or derogatory and there's nothing a developer could do about it.

Most developers are at least bilingual (unless I'm underestimating
the monolinguage English-speaking contingent), and could probably
understand many Latinate/Germantic languages well enough to pick
out something really wrong and find a dictionary to check it out.
A misformated description - 3 bullets changed to 2, or the like,
could be seen in almost any language description by almost any

You know, my general response to a report on a subject with one
side only positives and one side only negatives is to discount
the report; it's obviously not objective in any way. Not that I
disagree with your solution; I just think you should understand
the disadvantages and be honest about them. 

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