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Re: Help! apt /dpkg very, very confused

Karsten M. Self wrote:

Note this is sent to list and David Greene.

What was all that about CC'ing mailing list posts?  :)

I'd sent an off-list mail, with a suggestion, not a directive.  I'd
checked briefly on your userid and didn't find other messages, thought
you might have been a newbie confused over appropriate list for topic.

Oh I've been here a while, trust me.  Strange that you couldn't find
my uid.

Please do not reply to private, off-list, mail on list.

IMHO, it's completely appropriate to reply to such mail on the list if
there is a question of procedure or there is a clarification the
poster feels is important to the thread.  Nothing you said could be
considered private information and certainly there was no question
of flamage, insult or other such silliness.  I simply felt that
the question could elicit the thoughts of a larger group.

It was a judgement call on my part.  No disrespect was intended.

As for this issue, I've seen it told many times that anyone running
testing/unstable should subscribe to debian-devel.  Implicit in that
statement is that unusual problems should be discussed on this
list.  Perhaps I have misunderstood, but I've followed that policy
in the past and no one has said a word about it.



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 and you know how big he was."  --  James P. Johnson

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