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Re: Help! apt /dpkg very, very confused

Karsten M. Self wrote:

on Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 03:36:49PM -0400, David A. Greene (greened@eecs.umich.edu) wrote:

apt downloaded everything but when dpkg was unpacking libc6,
my machine locked up.  Ok, so that's one problem that needs
to be looked into.

Unless I'm missing something, this post might better be directed to
debian-user rather than debian-devel.

I don't think so.  There was a problem with apt/dpkg installing
libc6 from unstable.  This is not an ordinary user problem.  In
any event, installing libc6 manually with dpkg seems to have
solved the problem.  It doesn't explain why I got a machine lock-up,
though or why apt didn't recover gracefully.



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