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Re: Debian lists and Cc'ing people in replies in addition to the list

> Your message had "Mail-Follwup-To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org", notice
> the typo (read: please fix it :).

Oops, yes. I'm experimenting with several mail things right now (including
switching to Evolution) and am correspondingly making several mistakes. :)

(That's also why the threading for this mail is broken, sorry.)

> Actually, it seems to me that they do it because their mailers don't do
> enough to adjust to mailing lists by default. One could argue that people
> should bother to set up their mailers for mailing lists, but analogously one
> could argue that people who don't want CCs should set up their mailers for
> mailing lists.

It is clearly the responsibility the responsibility of the person
who sends a mail to make sure it is addressed at the correct
receivers. Everything mailers can do to help with this is a good thing,
but it doesn't reduce the responsibility for the human for the ultimate

> IMHO the people who don't want the CCs should set up their mailers to set
> the Mail-Followup-To header and exclude their address from the header. In
> mutt, even if one does a group reply, Mail-Followup-To will be respected.

If this worked, it would be nice. It doesn't seem to work; see
Branden's complaints on several occasions. 

> > In the long run, this improves quality of life for everyone.
>                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Life? ;o)


Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>

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