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Re: gs in sid very outdated

"Keith G. Murphy" wrote:

> > I think it's only missing gimp-print.
> Well gs' stp driver was developed conjointly (is that a word?) with
> gimp-print, so that explains it, I guess.
> I thought gimp-print was only a plug-in for gimp, but the its drivers
> were developed to be usable by gs as well.  Is that wrong, or were you
> just shorthanding?

I too was confused by it's short description "print plugin for the GIMP"
but the long description says:

 This is Gimp-Print version 4.1.7, a development release in the 4.1
 line.  Gimp-print is the print facility for the Gimp, and in addition
 a suite of drivers that may be used with common UNIX spooling systems
 using GhostScript or CUPS.  These drivers provide printing quality for
 UNIX/Linux on a par with proprietary vendor-supplied drivers in many
 cases, and can be used for many of the most demanding printing tasks.
 This package includes the print plugin for the GIMP.


Printing is now so very complicated.  I went from lprng+magicfilter+gs 
to cupsys and now I find lpr-ppd+printfilters-ppd.  Who knows
what to use anymore.

I'm _very_ confused.


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