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Re: Debian doc-base policy.

"Steve M. Robbins" wrote:

> > I agree with Steve's comments, so I won't repeat them.
> > 
> > I'll add:
> > 
> >  - the current scheme has a top-level menu for Games split into
> >    many subsections.  Are you proposing to drop it down into
> >    Apps, adding an extra level of navigation?
> Hi Peter.  One of my comments, indeed the main one, was an argument
> in favour of removing "Apps" as a top-level menu of documentation.
> Does your endorsement above not cover this removal?

Yes it does.  (In fact, the `games' top-level entry is in `menu',
not doc-base;  see below...)

I'd explain what I meant, but it was out of context with menu
> >  - Terminal emulators (rxvt, xterm, etc) should keep a top-level
> >    menu.  No-one want to navigate too much to open a terminal.
> I thought we were talking of the *documentation* structure, not
> the menu structure.

Argg!  Sorry.  I got them confused along the way (because of
another thread concerning icon sizes in menus).


Yes, I'd get rid of Apps in doc-base if I had the chance.

I don't think it helps to have a structure like:

    - Linux System Administrators' Guide   (it's not an app)
    - The Debconf Programmer's Tutorial    (shouldn't be in Debian?)
    - How to report a bug in Debian        (other entries are for DDs)
    - Dwarf's Guide to Debian GNU/Linux              (in System?)
    - Installation and Getting Started Guide (html)  (in Help?)
    - Linux Network Administrators' Guide (html)     (in Help?)

Docs are scattered in various places and you have to look
everywhere to make sure you haven't missed anything.

A few more comments, on topic this time!

>     Databases
>     Debian
       -> for users or DDs or both?
>     Editors
>     Emulators
>     Games
>     Graphics
       -> would gnuplot go here or in math or science? (currently in math)
       -> I something expect to see viewers here, except they
          have their own section below.
>     Licenses
>     Mathematics
>     Multimedia
       -> everything including sound, but except viewers?
>     Networking
       -> includes the privious mail section I guess
>     Programming
>     Radio
>     Science
>     Shells
>     System Administration
       -> Including Debian user manuals or not?
>     Text
       -> as in text processing?  I'm never sure what that means
          from the name. Change to "Text processing/typesetting" ?
>     Viewers

Where do RFCs go ?
Add a section for "Window Managers/Desktops" ?


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