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Re: gs in sid very outdated

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 11:43:44AM -0400, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> Printing is now so very complicated.  I went from lprng+magicfilter+gs 
> to cupsys and now I find lpr-ppd+printfilters-ppd.  Who knows
> what to use anymore.
> I'm _very_ confused.

Use gimp-print, assuming it supports your printer.

It was always a bit weird having printer drivers embedded in GS: the
cups/gimp-print setup more sanely separates the job of rasterising
postscript (which is still done by calling ghostscript) from the job
of issuing intelligent printer commands (which is done by gimp-print).

So: yes, gimp-print is poorly named, since it is now far more than a
gimp plug-in.  A more accurate description would be 'an advanced
printer driver, supporting many inkjet and laser printers'.


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