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Re: "Section" in *.doc-base file.

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On Wednesday 15 August 2001 07:26 am, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Does your training in poststructuralism render the following
> incomprehensible to you?
>   Mail-Copies-To: nobody
>   X-No-CC: I subscribe to this list; do not CC me on replies.
> These headers are present in all messages I send to Debian lists.  The
> former is for MUA's that respect basic conventions; the latter is for
> people who do.  Apparently, you can be bothered to neither do so
> yourself nor use tools that do so.

LOL. I don't have a training in poststructuralism. :)) As a matter of fact, 
this may well be the first time I have ever used the word. I have little 
respect for postmodernism in general, though.


FYI, I'm using KMail and I did not see your mail headers. I must admit that 
KMail does not yet obey conventions perfectly. It seems that I have hit 
"Reply All" button. 

As you see I'm sending this mail only to debian-devel as you request.

> Instead, you seem to be continuing a campaign of personal harassment via
> email flooding, which hardly seems to give you the higher ground you
> seek.

I am not seeking a higher ground. I am not harrassing anybody by email 
flooding either. What is more, I don't think my Cc: use deserves two replies.

Thanks for pointing out your headers. I'll see if there's a problem with 


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