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Re: OpenOffice

Em Thu, 9 Aug 2001 10:42:00 +0200
christophe barbé <christophe.barbe@lineo.fr> escreveu:

> Printing is ok in the last build.
> And IMHO the current openoffice is enough to think about a debian package
> in SID.
> I prefer to use OO than SO because you avoid the windows-like desktop. But
> OO remains a fat application with a uggly GUI.
you see, if an application is able to start(or even if it won't ;)) and will
not break the whole system and force you to reinstall, this app is suitable
for sid... that's what it's for... and if it is so buggy a RC bug will quicly
be filled against it and it won't go into testing, then, every app, even if
beta, is suitable to unstable...

I use OO instead of SO and that is doing very well, I still prefer typing
my texts as htmls in emacs but OO is being my mom's (and sister's) word 
processor since the latest(?) build wich I think is 6.29(?) or such...

BTW, I remember reading something about someone packaging OO lots of months
ago... Maybe someone could check wnpp and the archives before doing anything...


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