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Re: athlon-builder ... a sequel to pentium-builder

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> wrote:

> This thing works in the same way as pentium-builder, just that it
> uses gcc-3.0 and g++-3.0 instead of the default compiler.

Hmm, that means that if you build a C++ application with it, that
links to a C++ library not built with it (i.e. from stock Debian),
you'll likely experience breakage (cf. past threads about changed g++

Maybe you should disable the g++ part of it for now.

> I was thinking that maybe everything can be rebuilt using Athlon
> optimization, and I could make a local repository, but I could not
> think of any way to mark such a package so that it was built for
> Athlon processors.

The -march=athlon case, i.e. that your binaries will only work on
Ahtlon compatibles, is easy: Have all your packages depend on
"platform-athlon", and offer a dummy package of that name (perhaps
with dire "installing this package on non-Athlon compatibles will hose
your system" warnings in the preinst).

If you want only -mcpu=athlon, i.e. the binaries will run
(non-optimized) on any ia32 machine, I'd do almost the same: depend on
a "optimzations-athlon" package. This should explain in its preinst
that it only makes sense to install the package on K7s, or machines,
for which no specific optimization is available, and that consistently
fare better with Athlon optimizations than with the default.

That would *mark* your packages. I don't know, though, how the various
dpkg frontends will react to two incarnations of the same version of a
package, but with different dependencies. They probably will /not/
select the "best-fit", but something random...


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