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Re: Virtual Hosting and the FHS

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 17:21, Nick Phillips wrote:
> /var/www is out for web, as debian packages expect to be able to put things
> in there and for them to be visible on the default web site. A directory
> into which per-domain subdirectories can be placed, each containing at
> least "html" and "cgi-bin" (or similarly named) subdirectories.
> /home is out, as IMHO and according to FHS, this is for *user* home
> directories.

So if the user's home directory contains their email and their web pages then 
/home is the right place!

For bulk web hosting the easiest way to create domains is to create the 
accounts in LDAP (or whatever other backend data source you use for user 
authentication).  Then you can have the FTP server create home directories at 
login time (much easier than having the sign-up scripts create the 
directories and has less security issues).

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