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Re: GCC 3.0 status?

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> (besides that it will be slower because it seems the optimization in gcc
> version 3.0 isn't yet as good as the one in 2.95.x).

That depends on the platform in question.  3.0 schedules code for Alpha
EV6/EV67/EV68-based machines better than any prior release.  C++ is
actually working on Alpha with 3.0 as well (no prior release had a
fully-working g++, leading to the absence of KDE/Qt packages in the
binary-alpha trees).

WRT to a "porting party"...if this happens, can we organise a "port
porting party" as well?  If even ten Debian developers port 100 packages
over, that's 100 packages that each port (alpha, sparc, etc) would end up
needing to compile/port (often times, the autobuilders can't compile
things fast enough or run into a ton of problems that need looking
into).  Lastly, there are platforms that gcc-3.0 won't work on yet (m68k,
notably).  What would we do about those, especially if a package is
ported and then won't compile with an older gcc?


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