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Re: don't upgrade! libpam problem!

* Emmanuel Charpentier (charpent@bacbuc.dyndns.org) wrote:
> Sam Hartmann uttered :
>  >sorry about thi; I screwed up between testing the patch and doing the
>  >final build and introduced a typo.  Yes, I know I suck.  I will be
>  >more careful in the future.
> This kind of *imbecility* gives some *real* arguments to tenants of 
> commercial development. No need to FUD anybody here : this is *real* 
> mispractice. Expect a lot of flak from the commercial development side, and 
> don't fight it : it will have been *well* *earned*.

	This was unstable.  You run it, you deal with it, that simple.

	I assure you, unstable/alpha/beta releases of commercial software
	can have very signifigant and serious issues in them as well.


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