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Re: don't upgrade! libpam problem!

Emmanuel Charpentier <charpent@bacbuc.dyndns.org> wrote:
> Don't you test your "final build" ? Of a *vital* package ?? If possible at 
> all, on a separate machine ??? Oh, my ...
> This kind of *imbecility* gives some *real* arguments to tenants of 
> commercial development. No need to FUD anybody here : this is *real* 
> mispractice. Expect a lot of flak from the commercial development side, and 
> don't fight it : it will have been *well* *earned*.

Erm.. I think you're missing a couple of important points here:

1) Volunteer developer. No pay, no responsibility (kinda). A few slip-ups
are allowed.

2) I think you have an unrealistically high opinion of the software
development processes normally used by commercial organisations.

3) It's unstable! Get a grip!

> [ To be fair, the speed with which the bug has been fixed and 0.72-27 made 
> available is also charcteristic of free software processes. ]

And nearly impossible to acheive in a commercial environment.

> I wonder how much people have been permanently locked out of their *only* 
> machines by this shortsightedness ... Has someone an idea on how to count 
> them ?

Why bother? It's unstable! Stuff breaks, if people don't know how to recover
from broken stuff, they shouldn't run unstable.
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