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Re: don't upgrade! libpam problem!

> Don't you test your "final build" ? Of a *vital* package ?? If possible at 
> all, on a separate machine ??? Oh, my ...

Don't know about many others, but I only have root access to ONE high
end debian unstable box, how should people who don't have root access to
other unstable boxes test these things?

> This kind of *imbecility* gives some *real* arguments to tenants of 
> commercial development. No need to FUD anybody here : this is *real* 
> mispractice. Expect a lot of flak from the commercial development side, and 
> don't fight it : it will have been *well* *earned*.

Hmm...tenants of commerical development you say? hmm, you pay 80 for a
popular MS product and what do you get? A CD full of instabillity and
crashes? Large cash injections and high executive salaries do not make
for good software, they make for good looking softwear in glossy boxes! 

> [ To be fair, the speed with which the bug has been fixed and 0.72-27 made 
> available is also charcteristic of free software processes. ]

Damn right.

> I wonder how much people have been permanently locked out of their *only* 
> machines by this shortsightedness ... Has someone an idea on how to count 
> them ?

Hehehe, you want risk free j00 is supposed to run stable, I'm sure I
remember reading somwhere that there is no guarantee or warranty with a
Debian system and it is provided as is....hmm :) If you are running
unstable be prepared to live life on the bleeding edge....if not take
the soft-option, stable. 

>  >Today has not been my day
> Of course not. Your day will be the day you'll be hung by the thumbs 'til 
> the time_t counter wraps around ... ;-].

Oh Chortle Chortle!

Peter J.

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