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Re: horse carcas flogging (was: traceroute in /usr/bin, not /usr/sbin)

Le lun, 25 jun 2001 23:46:48, Steve Greenland a écrit :

> It's just that I can't believe that there is a non-nil set of people
> who can figure out what to do with the output of traceroute, but can't
> change their PATH, or use an alias, or add a link to their own ~/bin, or
> simply type /usr/sbin/traceroute. Thus, I can't figure out why certain
> people are so vehement about their insistance that it be moved.  If
> there were no history, I'd say get rid of the sbin directories entirely.

Of course the average Debian user can change his $PATH, or use an alias, or
whatever. But it is a matter of usability of the system. When I log onto an
Unix-machine, whatever it is, I expect to obtain traceroute by typing
"traceroute", not "locate traceroute" (if locate exists on this system). You
will say it is the job of the administrator, and that is true. But the whole
Debian is intended to make it easy to administrate. Yes, it takes 2 seconds
for the administrator to add this link. But what if every package needed 2
seconds of (undocumented) admin job to work ? When a package gets installed,
it has to work now. If the package needs to ask a question to the admin, then
it asks it, and then it works.

Another idea : we could also put the binaries almost everywhere in the
directory tree, and the users have to change their $PATH, or use aliases, or
add links to their ~/bin to run those binaries. Oh, the admin should not
forget to get back the binaries that lie in /var/run after every reboot.
Almost every Debian user can do that, indeed.

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