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Re: horse carcas flogging

Rene Weber <rene_deblist@elvenlord.com> wrote:
>    The problem is that not everyone agrees that traceroute (for example) is
> violating the FHS.  

No, everybody agrees, but not everybody thinks it s a worth the

And Herbert Xu found imho the only strong argument against moving it,
FHS might change:
<[🔎] E15AqXQ-0001Yq-00@gondolin.me.apana.org.au>
| > The FHS is perfectly clear, despite the attempts to claim otherwise.
| I never suggested otherwise. I am merely pointing out that no major
| distribution has to date followed this rule.
| Let me repeat this, if you want to argue that traceroute should be
| moved on the grounds of FHS compliance, then you must move all the
| other utilities that fall under it, that is, most things in /sbin
| and /usr/sbin.

and later in <[🔎] E15At3x-00021H-00@gondolin.me.apana.org.au>
| > This seems to be claiming that no bug may be fixed unless all bugs
| > are fixed.  I think that's a terrible principle to adopt.
| You missed the point.  The fact that nobody is following that rule
| suggests to me that this rule may be removed/revised in a future
| revision of the FHS.
| Thus blindly following it at the moment is probably a foolish thing.

             cu andreas
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