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Re: Kernel-Package, Kernel-Patches, lots of questions

On 13 Jun 2001 14:40:52 -0000, "Pawel Wiecek"
<coven-debian-devel@debian.org> wrote:
>On Jun 13,  4:24pm, Marc Haber wrote:
>> /etc/kernel-pkg.conf or via environment variable. ~/kernel.pkg.conf
>> overrides /etc/kernel-pkg.conf, so every user could have her own=20
>> settings, which is generally very good news in my environment.
>What is this, a dedicated machine for building kernels for other machines?

I work at an ISP and we concentrate all "development" issues on a
single machine which is our office mail server, shell account server
and development box. The users' work stations are partially Windows,
partially stripped down Debian boxes running as better X-Terminals.

On that central machine, it frequently happens that two or three
people build kernels for different purposes with different patches for
different machines at the same time, and it is a nuisance to have
kernel build related stuff in /usr/src in that environment.


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