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Re: How to version libraries

>>>>> "Adrian" == Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> writes:
    Adrian> 2. Consider the case that of a library package foo there's
    Adrian> now the libfoo1 package in testing and the libfoo2 package
    Adrian> in unstable (the so-name has changed). As long as there's
    Adrian> ONE package in testing that depends on libfoo1 and isn't
    Adrian> recompiled against libfoo2 in unstable the foo package in
    Adrian> unstable won't make it into testing because this would
    Adrian> cause broken dependenies in testing (one of the problems
    Adrian> testing tries to avoid).  Please tell me how the new foo
    Adrian> package can ever make it into testing when all the
    Adrian> packages that depend on it are built against testing.

You should generate a source package based on the old library that
only does a libfoo1 binary package.  You really ought to do this
whenever a you make a new binary library with a new soname.  Yes it is
work, but it solves the upgrade problems.  This is certainly true for
libraries that are actually released, and is somewhat less true for
libraries that were only in testing.

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