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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 10:40:46AM -0500, Steve Greenland wrote:
> (4) Should they be packaged at all? Does packaging these themes actually
> provide any more functionality than downloading and unpacking a tar.gz
> (or whatever the format is) file in the appriate location?

Installer script, anyone?  I don't see the sense in packaging any more
than a small sampling of themes to get people started with something that
looks nice "out of the box".

I have a small problem, though.  Home network, single set of shared
home directory services for parents and children (my users) and three kids
who love to download stuff.  Now, while they have managed to find quite a
number of backgrounds, they haven't gotten into themes yet ... but I can
extrapolate from their background-downloading habits:

1. kids like to copy each other
2. this leads to redundant copies of backgrounds
3. home is filling up, and I have zero budget for more disk space

So, back to my problem which is how to efficiently manage download and
installation of themes, backgrounds, icons, whatever into a common area
without granting root.

Sorry for the slight tangent.  This may have implications for Debian,
though (well, Debian Jr. at least).  Especially if you scale up from
a small household with a (relatively) low head-count to, say, a classroom
where 100+ kids have limited personal quotas and yet would like to
download and share themes.  It's not reasonable to have the sys admin
intervene to install each one system-wide.

Anyway, I do have a couple of ideas, but wanted to see what others
thought first.

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