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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

Quoting Rob Walker (rob@myinternetplace.net):
> >>>>> On Thu, 24 May 2001 20:23:35 -0500, Ben Burton <benb@acm.org>
> >>>>> said:
> Ben> Options are (1) release one huge-arse binary package; (2) release
> Ben> 39 packages, one for each theme; (3) release a moderate number of
> Ben> packages each containing a few themes.
> Ben> I am hesitant to do (1) because of the user's disk space usage.
> Ben> I am hesitant to do (2) because I'm not sure that debian wants a
> Ben> million kde-theme-* packages on its servers.
> I like (2).
> rob@host:~/$ apt-cache search . | wc -l
>    7230
> what's another 40 packages?

Argh ! 

Exactly this brain damaged behaviour is why we have 
so many (useless mini)packages ! 

Debian is NOT a trash dump.

Have you put even 2 cents worth of thoughts into what you just 
suggested ?

There are more then enough machines around that already have 
problems with the package management. Machines that must run 
with 16 or maybe 8 MB of memory (or even less) with an 386sx/16 
CPU or similar. 

Not everbody can like you afford the latest and greatest 
machines with GHz CPUs, hundereds of MBs of memory and huge

We have now more then 500 Debian developers and if everbody 
would follow your exceedingly stupid example, we would very 
quickly have on the border to 30.000 packages !

Who on earth would want to dig through such masses of packages ?


It would make Debian instantly unusable.

It is the perfect way to get rid of most of our users and many

It is already hard to manage as many packages as we have,
in terms of CPU cycles, used memory and psychologically.
Almost no normal user is willing to dig through the amount 
of packages that we have already, to them it is confusing as 
hell and they rather switch to SuSE or RedHat where you don't
have to choose.

Go, ask some of the other oldtimers on debian-devel that still 
remember the old flamewars with Bruce where this was a topic 
as well, what they think. 

Ask the people that put much more thought, energy, money and 
their heart into this project then you ever did and probably 
ever will, people that build debian from ground up, what 
they think.

Go and learn from those people before you speak such utter 
nonsense again.


Ben: It might make sense to split it into 2 or 3 packages but 
certainly not more.

People don't get me wrong. I am _NOT_ opposed to new packages
per se. They just should bring something new into Debian.

What I oppose is stupid splits of packages and things like the 
50th ICQ client.

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are doing, it isn't really research."
             --Dave Liddle, The New Yorker, Feb. 23/Mar.2, 1998, p84

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