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Re: Autoconf 2.50

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 12:06:36AM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> wrote:
> >Only upstream authors should decide whether or not to upgrade to
> >autoconf 2.50, i do not understand why so many packages run
> >auto{conf,make} when compiling (or even Build-Depends on these tools
> >without invoking them).
> Because upstream Makefiles (including groff's) often correctly include
> rules to update configure from configure.in if the latter changes. Since
> many packages patch configure.in (including groff), autoconf has to be
> re-run by somebody, and if both configure and configure.in are patched
> in the .diff.gz it's possible for the timestamps to get out of sync.

Ok, i see. But then it seems wiser to patch both configure and
configure.in, and touch configure somewhere in debian/rules so that it
is not rebuilt.


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