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Re: Slang (Sid)


Jimmy Kaplowitz schrieb:
> And getting a UTF-8 locale is as easy as (1) adding a line like the following
> to your /etc/locale.gen file:
> en_US	UTF-8
> and (2) rerunning locale-gen as root, and (3) setting the environment
> variable LANG to en_US.UTF-8 (of course adapt for whatever locale is
> appropriate).

Specifying the character set in LANG seems redundant to me if
you do it in locale.gen as well. Not entirely shure tough.

Having proper UTF-8 support throughout the distribution would
certainly be a worthwile goal for woody+1, but I (as probably
most other latin1 users) don't know much about it (and don't
need it).

ciao, 2ri
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