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Re: Slang (Sid)

Jon Eisenstein wrote:
> Is there something seriously wrong with slang now (rather, for a few
> months now), or is it just happening on the three computers I've installed
> Debian on? If what I'm describing isn't slang, I apologize, but there's
> still a problem.
> Anything that uses what I think is the slang frontend (e.g. debconf,
> apt-listchanges, querybts...) has major display problems, most troubling
> that the buttons (Ok, Cancel, etc) look awful and make it hard to tell
> what you're selecting.
> If I press enter on, for example, Ok, it looks like the following:
> 	Ok 			(original button)
> 	 Ok			(presumably the button being clicked)
> If it's just me, does anybody know how I might fix it? If it's
> Debian-wide, I would just like to know that it is a known problem and is
> presumably being worked on.

I haven't seen that one, but I have seen and heard of a number of
problems. I think quite a few of them trace back to the wide-character
support patch which was applied 1 month ago. I tracked a bug in pdmenu back
to that today -- grrr..

Anyway, the slang frontend for debconf certianly has no code that would
shift an Ok button down like that when you click on it.

IMHO, the wide character support patch is causing far too many problems,
and needs to be reverted.

see shy jo

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