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Re: Woody upgrading problems, LILO and debconf

On Wednesday 16 May 2001 22:42, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> [1] LILO issues with debconf
> It was a bit disconcerting to go through the LILO debconf screens, first
> being asked if you wish to modify lilo.conf, then when the answer is no

On Wednesday 16 May 2001 22:50, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> There is growing consensus that the lilo maintainer is trying to get
> everyone to use grub due to frequent lilo screwups.  The configuration
> unfriendliness is only a part of the saga.

Yesterday I uploaded a version of LILO with the debconf code removed.  I had 
announced my plans to do so to both debian-devel and debian-user a week ago.  
It seems that neither of you reads those lists properly.

During the time that I have been maintaining LILO I have fixed a number of 
bugs that had been outstanding for over a year before I took over.  This 
includes bugs in the upstream source (the patches in question have been 
accepted by the upstream maintainer).  I have announced my intention to fix 
all bugs reported against LILO before woody is frozen, and I believe that I 
am on track to achieve this.  Am I really doing such a bad job?

Russell Coker

PS  I am working at a site with 8 new VA server machines and no VACM software 
to manage them.  I had volunteered to package it but was informed that Shaleh 
was doing it and ceased my work.  Now I'm leaving the site in a week (and 
losing all access to VA hardware) so I can't do it.  Is a VACM package ever 
going to be produced?  Or is my client going to feel forced to resume 
purchasing Sun hardware in future which needs no such software?

PPS  Shaleh, please note that when I publically flame people I CC them a copy 
of the message as a courtesy to give them the best opportunity to respond.  I 
expect to receive the same courtesy.

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