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Re: RFC: Extending sources.list for use in pool and other locations

> since when? RTFM source.list(5) maybe?
> > Example (showing a current and a possible new location):
> >  deb     ...: .../debian/dists/woody/main/binary-i386/Packages
> >  deb-src ...: .../debian/dists/woody/main/source/Sources
> >  deb     ...: .../debian/pool/main/sid_Packages.i386
> deb ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/ pool/main/
Yes this is almost the same as mine except control files still have to
be named "Packages" or "Sources". This means you need for each control
file a separate directory and of course the corresponding entry in
sources.list. And you can't locate control files at the base directory
(unless an empty distribution is allowed).

My solution gives you the freedom to choose any location and any name.
And it's so much simpler to implement and easier to understand. There is
no possibility of forgetting the "/" at the end.

How about if I had suggested 
  deb     ...: .../debian/ pool/main/sid_i386
  deb-src ...: .../debian/ pool/main/sid_src
  deb     ...: .../debian/ pool/sid_main_i386
  deb-src ...: .../debian/ pool/sid_main_src

Here even the base directory is the same as yours but what's the point
of a base directory anyway? If the control files where close located to
its controlled packages then its location is a natural base. Okay I'm
not against a distinct base directory as long as I can locate the
control files at its root.
  deb     ...: .../debian/ sid_main_i386
  deb-src ...: .../debian/ sid_main_src

O. Wyss

PS. I'm not on the list, please cc.

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