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RFC: Extending sources.list for use in pool and other locations

Currently the scheme of sources.list enforces a distinct directory
structure where all dists control files (Packages, Sources) were forced
to be located in .../dists/<dist>/<part>/[binary-<arch>|source]/. This
leads to the situation that for distribution sid while all packages are
in the pool the control files are in the .../dists/... directory. This
could be easily be changed through the following solution:

1. The old structure stays unchanged (...:<base dir> <dist> <parts>)
2. Control files were described through their complete path/filename
The distinction between old and new is easy, old always is a directory
while new is always a file. Both can be used side by side in the same
sources.list file. 

Example (showing a current and a possible new location):
 deb     ...: .../debian/dists/woody/main/binary-i386/Packages
 deb-src ...: .../debian/dists/woody/main/source/Sources
 deb     ...: .../debian/pool/main/sid_Packages.i386
 deb-scr ...: .../debian/pool/main/sid_Sources

This scheme can be used with any access methods. Also the naming of the
path and/or the filename is completely open except for one point, where
the base directory is located. If the "base" directory is defined by the
current location of the control files and any filename inside the
control files refers to this location, there isn't a specific base
directory necessary. Of course at first the new location of the control
files could be the current base directory but I wouldn't recommend it.

This change will remove any restriction on the location of a
distribution and its control files while still be compatible with the
current scheme. And it could easily be used for the current woody
structure as well, even if the control files stays at the current location.

O. Wyss

PS. I'm not on the list, please cc.

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