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Re: Bug#96854: package splitting and kernel-image

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 06:55:05AM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Still, I think we can all agree that dead mirrors are sub-optimal.

You're still spreading FUD.  Anyway, the real reason why mirror.aarnet is
out of action is given on their website:

> Mirror Updates and News! - Last update 11/05/2001 
> Mirror.AARNet has moved to Canberra! We are working to address
> things related to the move (e.g broken links and archives. This is an
> ongoing process and i expect to have most of them fixed over the next
> week..aarnet. A new faster machine has been donated by Sun Microsystems
> - mirror is now an Enterprise 450 with a Terabyte of disk space. Please
> bear with us on archive updates and content due to the migration issues
> as some reorganization goes on.
> Mail mirror@mirror.aarnet.edu.au if you notice problems - we'll try and
> get them fixed ASAP!

I can't possibly be responsible for the state of affairs on the other
mirrors either since the last kernel-image upload has made it to them
weeks ago.
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