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Re: Questions to testing/unstable

Paul Martin <pm@debian.org> wrote:
>> Possible scenario:
>> 1.0-3 has some major changes and accidentially fixes an RC-bug in
>> 1.0-2, before _anybody_ noticed it in 1.0-2.
>> 1.0-2 goes into testing and BLAM.

> Surely, the maintainer can then close (or downgrade) the RC bug, saying
> it's fixed in the newer version?

> (Or are you meaning that the maintainer will have to play whack-a-mole
> with multiple identical RC bug entries to get the package into testing?)

Obviously it is impossible to understand my english, the points I
wanted to make were:
-Once 1.0-3 is in sid, 1.0-2 is removed from sid and nobody uses it
-You cannot test 1.0-2 by using 1.0-3, there can be _unknown_ bugs in
 1.0-2 which are not in 1.0-3 and vice versa.
            cu andreas
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