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Re: Questions to testing/unstable

On Mon, 07 May 2001, Michael Meskes wrote:
> to unstable. What happens if no grave bug exists againts foo? Is 1.0-2 moved
> to testing after 7 days, or is 1.0-3 moved or do the seven days start anew

The quarantine time is restarted every upload.

> If it is also true with no grave bug, we should encourage developers to wait
> a week between two uploads or else their software won't make it into
> testing.

Developers are supposed to know what they're doing with the urgency field.
It can be used to decrease the quarantine time of a particular upload (and
all subsequent ones until the package manages to get installed in testing).

> wouldn't be suprised if the maintainers didn't even notice that. For

Most of us don't bother too much with testing, unless we're trying to get
something into testing for one particular reason or another (such as, the
package in testing is too damn buggy, or has a security hole).

There are only so many hours in a day, you see.

> instance webmin does not seem to have a release critical bug but it's not in
> testing at all.

This is usually caused by dependencies. A package cannot move into testing
if the packages it depends on are not in testing (or being moved into
testing as well).

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