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Re: support for older distributions

i have libssl & openssh 2.5.2p2 for potato at

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Russell Coker wrote:
> Currently there are two usable repositories of Potato packages.  There's a 
> repository of kernel-related packages to run 2.4.x kernels on Potato, and 
> there's a repository of LDAP related packages and other things that Wichert 
> is maintaining.
> Both of these are good work, but even combined they don't provide what I 
> consider to be adequate support for Potato.
> I would like a version of Potato that is not entirely frozen.  It should have 
> updates not only for security reasons but also for addition of new programs, 
> and for adding new programs which add significant functionality and don't 
> break things (such as Wichert's LDAP packages).
> To manage this fully through the Debian system we will need support in the 
> BTS for reporting bugs to different people depending on the package version.  
> Is this possible?
> Also we need space to maintain the packages (they shouldn't be THAT big).  
> The aim should be that the maintainer of the woody version should not need to 
> be involved in the backports (unless they want to be involved).
> I am willing to be involved in back-porting packages (there's many things 
> that I back-port for my own use and should share).
> Also we have to consider the long-term view of this.  I would like to see 
> back-ports to woody being done in a year's time...

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