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support for older distributions

Currently there are two usable repositories of Potato packages.  There's a 
repository of kernel-related packages to run 2.4.x kernels on Potato, and 
there's a repository of LDAP related packages and other things that Wichert 
is maintaining.

Both of these are good work, but even combined they don't provide what I 
consider to be adequate support for Potato.

I would like a version of Potato that is not entirely frozen.  It should have 
updates not only for security reasons but also for addition of new programs, 
and for adding new programs which add significant functionality and don't 
break things (such as Wichert's LDAP packages).

To manage this fully through the Debian system we will need support in the 
BTS for reporting bugs to different people depending on the package version.  
Is this possible?

Also we need space to maintain the packages (they shouldn't be THAT big).  
The aim should be that the maintainer of the woody version should not need to 
be involved in the backports (unless they want to be involved).

I am willing to be involved in back-porting packages (there's many things 
that I back-port for my own use and should share).

Also we have to consider the long-term view of this.  I would like to see 
back-ports to woody being done in a year's time...

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