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Re: SGI's xfs


On May 3,  9:28am, Radovan Garabik wrote:
> Subject: Re: SGI's xfs
>  > 
>  > And the kernel patches are in incoming.
>  > 
> and how do you solve the requirement to use gcc version 2.91.66
> for compiling?

gcc-2.95.3 and current gcc-2.95.4 snapshot seem to compile
the XFS kernel correctly now (there were changes made to the
xfs1.0 kernel code months ago because 2.95.3 optimized away
some necessary inline code, but 2.95.4 seems to have fixed
that problem).

There are even more changes in the XFS development tree to
work around problems in the 2.96 compilers.  The horrible
Makefile hack to force gcc-2.91.66 in the 1.0 release has
since been removed.

And there have been reports that the 3.0 snapshots do a good
job on the XFS kernel code too.



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