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Re: SGI's xfs

hi there,

On May 2, 11:22am, Ed Boraas wrote:
> Subject: Re: SGI's xfs
> > Previously Matthias Berse wrote:
> > > Are there any plans in supporting the usage of SGI's xfs filesystem in
> > > debian? Are there kernel patches available and/or userspace tools
> > > being packaged?
> > 
> > The userspace tools have been in unstable for a while already actually.
> And the kernel patches are in incoming.

In addition to Ed's kernel debs and the XFS userspace - ie.
xfsprogs, xfsdump, attr packages - you'll also want a recent
mount package (supports mount by-UUID and mount-by-label for
XFS, documents the XFS mount options, no need to use "-t xfs"
with mount, etc); and also the latest quota package which
supports XFS's notion of journaled quota - which Michael has
just uploaded to unstable in the last few days.

Hope this helps.



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