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Re: upgrading only urgency=high packages

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 10:27:56AM +1000, Brian May wrote:

> Instead could you skip step 1 and do it:
> 1. apt-get install foo
> 1.1 apt queries SQL server "SELECT * FROM packages WHERE package=foo, architecture=i386, operatingsystem=linux"
> 1.2 apt gets result, and installs package.
> The biggest problem could be the load imposed by "apt-get upgrade" or
> "apt-get dist-upgrade" or "dselect", I am not sure how these should be
> done. Automatically extract the data according to some preset criteria
> and put it in a number of compressed Packages file?

As long as that database is as robust and mirrored as the package archives,
this should theoretically work.  In fact, as I understand it, a database like
this already exists, used by katie, madison and friends.  The schema are in
CVS.  However, if something like this were set up for public access, LDAP might
be a better place for it, since there is a standard application layer protocol
for accessing all LDAP servers.

 - mdz

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