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Re: upgrading only urgency=high packages

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 10:01:44AM +1000, Brian May wrote:

> >>>>> "Matt" == Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:
>     Matt> I discussed the idea a bit with James Troup, and one of his
>     Matt> concerns was that the database would be centralized, not
>     Matt> distributed over many mirrors like the packages themselves.
>     Matt> This would be a scalability problem if such a system were to
>     Matt> become popular.  Judging by the response that
>     Matt> apt-listchanges received, and the interest people have in
>     Matt> the idea, it just might.
> What about a distributed database, eg. openldap with slave LDAP
> servers?

Replicating the database is not hard, especially since it is for the most part
read-only, and updates would come from one source.  The problem is where to
host these distributed database servers.  The archive mirror network has the
advantage of being well-established and relatively low-maintenance for the
operators (I hope).

Maybe I'll start by running it as a public service on one of my servers, and
see what kind of load it imposes.  The first thing, of course, is to get a hook
where I can process each source package as it comes in.  katie may not be the
right place for this, but I'd say that lintian runs would be.

 - mdz

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