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Re: Lightweight Web browsers

Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org> writes:
> <Sarcasm>
> So come on people, let's install all 6000 packages, because maybe we
> could use them once.
> </Sarcasm>

  Listen, I've packaged it in order to make available in debs for
  people willing to test it. Now, don't blame me about those gnome
  dependencies since I'm not upstream. APT is ment to show you
  packages to be installed and does not force you to install.

  And apologies for not mentioning Gnome ... (since it seemed to
  bother you)

> Well, I just try to keep my system as clean as possible, which includes
> for me that I also check the installed libraries. And every time I try
> one of those gnome apps, I'm astonished about the big bunch of libraries
> that I have to install. Therefor I would prefer applications that just
> depend on the GTK Libraries and not the Gnome-Libraries. Therefor I
> would prefer it to know in advance if an ITP'ed software could become
> interesting for me or not.

  Please note that did not ITPed it since I'm not sure people except
  from me are interested in such a browser. And It does not seem to make
  you very happy. Unless people are interested to see it in debian
  I won't upload it.

Jérôme Marant

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