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Re: ITP: task-printing

On 19 April 2001 (Thursday) at 22:00 (+0200) Dr. Guenter Bechly wrote:
> I think than you should better make two conflicting task packages:
> 1.) task-printing-lprng
> 2.) task-printing-cups

Aaron Lehman prefers lpr and we have three alternatives (for now). :-\

The concept of task packages needs more development.  Now Debian has
task packages like task-webserver-roxen.  May be someone should make
task-webserver-apache?  I don't know.

For task-printing I propose another approach.  Let someone make a
metapackage (but not task package) cups.  Then task-printing will
depend on lprng|cups|lpr.

What will give that?  By default apt installs the first alternative.
It is lprng because I suppose it is the most widely used.  Suppose now
that someone installs kups (KDE administrator for cups).  Kups depends
on cupsys (now kups doesn't depend on cupsys, but maybe it has to?).
Apt will try to install cupsys, but cupsys conflicts with lprng, so
lprng has to be removed.  Apt sees that the installed package
task-printing depends on lprng|cups|lpr and it concludes that the only
possible variant is cups.  That's why apt will install cups and all
cups-related packages together with it.

Is that good enough?

Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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