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ITP: task-printing

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


I'll be glad to see any suggestions.

Package: task-printing

Description: Utilities for printing
 Selecting this package will install drivers for many printers,
 filters for printing files in different formats (text, images,
 PostScript files, etc.), filters for pretty printing (two pages on
 sheet, sintax highlighting, etc.) and graphical interface to the
 printer spooling system.  It also installs tools for access to remote
 network printers (LPD, SMB, NetWare).

Depends: lprng, gs | gs-aladdin, gsfonts, psfontmgr, magicfilter |
apsfilter, libpaperg, a2ps, enscript, djtools, jpeg2ps, mpage, npadmin,
printop, psptools, psutils, smbclient, ncpfs, rlpr, bzip2, gzip, groff,
recode, transfig, xpdf, pnmtopng, netpbm, libjpeg-progs, libtiff-tools

Suggests: ppd-gs, gimp1.2-print, gnuplot, ifhp, lexmark7000linux,
pbm2ppa, libgnomeprint11, libgnomeprint-bin, libgnomeprint-data,
lprng-doc, tetex-bin

Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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