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Re: ITP: task-printing

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 09:55:18PM +0300, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> Package: task-printing


> Depends: lprng, gs | gs-aladdin, gsfonts, psfontmgr, magicfilter |
> apsfilter, libpaperg, a2ps, enscript, djtools, jpeg2ps, mpage, npadmin,
> printop, psptools, psutils, smbclient, ncpfs, rlpr, bzip2, gzip, groff,
> recode, transfig, xpdf, pnmtopng, netpbm, libjpeg-progs, libtiff-tools

I don't think it's meaningful to have a task with |'s in its dependencies:
tasksel doesn't particularly handle that. Either both should be depended
on, or one should be picked. (gs-aladdin is non-free and provides: gs,
so it isn't an issue; apsfilter v magicfilter is trickier, I guess).

> Suggests: ppd-gs, gimp1.2-print, gnuplot, ifhp, lexmark7000linux,
> pbm2ppa, libgnomeprint11, libgnomeprint-bin, libgnomeprint-data,
> lprng-doc, tetex-bin

Suggests aren't really useful at all: tasksel doesn't display them, apt-get
doesn't install them, and if you're using dselect it's probably too late.


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