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Re: A question about update-excuses (was Re: testing is broken)

On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 11:34:08AM +0530, Ganesan Rajagopal wrote:
> >>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:
> > Looking at the m68k Packages files for unstable, we see these packages
> > dependencies look like:
> > idle-python2 Depends: python2-tk (>= 2.0-6)
> > python2-examples Depends: python2-base (>= 2.0-6)
> > python2-regrtest Depends: python2-base (>= 2.0-6)
> > python2-tk and python2-base are out of date on m68k and can't meet those
> > dependencies though. Ain't arch: all package skew great? There's a similar
> > problem with perl.
> Thanks for the explanations. In the update-excuses for python2, I see
> * out of date on m68k: python2-base, python2-dev, python2-tk, 
>   python2-xmlbase (from 2.0-4) (but m68k isn't keeping up, so ignoring this
>   problem) 
> The "ignoring this problem" is because automatic builds are not keeping up
> with m68k I guess. Does this mean, python2 would have been installed despite
> m68k being out of date except for the fact that it causes some packages to
> be uninstallable? 


Which architectures out-of-dateness is ignored is based on how their
respective buildds are going. I'm intending to use <85% as a reason to
start ignoring architecures, and >90% as a reason to make the checks
start counting again. At the moment arm, m68k and powerpc are ignored.

 The current wanna-build statistics for the architectures in testing

  i386:    99.41% up-to-date,  99.41% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  alpha:   92.98% up-to-date,  93.11% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  sparc:   92.05% up-to-date,  92.11% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  arm:     85.28% up-to-date,  85.37% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  m68k:    77.76% up-to-date,  78.01% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  ppc:     (unknown)

the number of out of date warnings in update_excuses for each architecture
(which should roughly match the above stats) is:

     30 i386
     87 alpha
    138 arm
    145 sparc
    228 m68k
    286 powerpc

The wanna-build stats for unreleased architectures, fwiw, is:

  mips:    64.83% up-to-date,  64.83% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  ia64:    51.69% up-to-date,  52.33% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  hppa:    21.51% up-to-date,  22.19% if also counting uploaded pkgs
  mipsel:   1.91% up-to-date,   1.91% if also counting uploaded pkgs

(I don't have stats for hurd-i386, sh or s390)

Thanks go to Ryan Murray (neuro) for setting most of this up for me :)


Anthony Towns <aj@humbug.org.au> <http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/>
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